Positioning Guide; Electric Heaters

Room Size, Shape and Conditions
Choosing a heater which is over powered for the room size might seem like a good idea at first but by buying an electric heater which is inline with the correct output of your room you should find that you can heat your room sufficiently and efficiently. For this reason you will need to know how big your room is in total. Working out your total room size is easy; grab your calculator and measuring tape and simply measure the length, width and height of your room then multiply these numbers together to get the total squared meter size. Once you have this you can use the chart to work out what kind of wattage you will need from your heater. Encase you ever need the room to be overly warm or should the room be under insulated you may want to choose a heater which is slightly more powerful that recommended as summerhouses, conservatories or rooms with many windows will allow heat to escape freely, yet for the average room within a home which is considered to be somewhat insulated then simply use the chart as your guide to maintain heat effectively throughout the space.
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Positioning a Floor Standing Heater
Now you have chosen the right wattage for your room size, its time to think about where you will position the new heater. Often in convection heating, putting your heat source in the coldest part of the room has the greatest effect. Hence under a window or near a door allows for the cold air in these areas to be warmed up and the convection process circulates this heat around the room. By buying a floor standing electric heater you have the ability to position the heater almost anywhere near a plug socket. You can also use extensions to get your heater into position but, be careful that you do not overload the extension as electric heater cables and plugs can get warm due to the amount of wattage coming through the wires and the resistance from the heater when turning this electricity into heat.
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So when it comes to choosing the right heater online and heating your room efficiently, both the wattage and positioning are highly important and you should now be a little more informed about your new online purchase.