Gardening Tips; Sweeping up

sweeping grass
Yes it might be a bit of a trivial subject but brushing and sweeping is an integral part of gardening and grounds maintenance. Back not so long ago when the Ideas for Decorating team were tradesman we spend many a year sweeping up after the boss and learning the techniques of joinery. But one thing which is key to the success of any tradesman is the idea of keeping a clean site and leaving a happy customer with a clean and tidy home. So here are the Ideas4decorating teas top tips for sweeping up.

Step One – Hold the brush right – use both hands.

Step Two – Stand in the right place. depending where the debris is will dictate where you stand.

Step Three – Even motions, dont stress and sweep frantically, keep you brush strokes long and smooth and this way you wont push the dirt around.

Step Four – Use a dust pan – use the brush and the pan to remove the dirt completely.

Step Five – Start at one end. Start at one end of teh job and make your way to the other. Then you will have one pile to remove.

Now you know a bit more about sweeping up its time to have a go yourself.