Cool DIY Tips

Here are some cool home improvement tips that can increase the resell value of your home!
1. Try ripping up carpeting and replacing it with hardwood flooring or tiles! Carpets get dirty fast and are difficult and expensive to clean. People will pay more money for a house with hardwood flooring or tiles instead of carpet. It also gives your house a more modern feel. Maybe try black and white tiles for the kitchen for a modern look! Tiling at home is easy to do, installing hardwood floors can be a bit more difficult without the aid of a professional. Either choice will make your house more appealing to pet owners.

2. Get rid of your ugly venetian blinds!! Venetian blinds look cheap and get discoloured really easily. They’re also prone to breaking and can be annoying to use. For a classier look and more ease of use, replace them with blinds that hang vertically instead of horizontally.

3. Think about what colours you paint your walls! The colour red can make people feel stressed or tense when a wall is painted that colour, so avoid that. A lot of people say to stick to light neutral colours, but wheres the fun in that? How about a nice earthy burnt orange in the kitchen? Aquamarine in the bathroom to remind you of the ocean! Pastels in nurseries, but not blue or pink because the gender binary isn’t something you should push onto your children. Why not a pastel green, or maybe purple or yellow? Those are all lovely gender neutral colours. Having brightly coloured walls will make your house stand out to buyers and stick in their memory.

4. Consider re-roofing your house. With a little bit of instruction, this is something that you should be able to do on your own, and will definitely increase your resell value, especially if you live in an area that gets a lot of rain.

5. Try out some fun door handles. Why not have a big fake diamond as the door handle to your bathroom? Maybe french door handles? Make your house unique, give it character. Small things like that will increase the appeal of your home, as they will make it unique. Give your home personality.

Hopefully these tips will help!

Also remember to check out your local hardware store as it may give you some exciting ideas, and bring a friend to help you!