Feature Walls


Using paint and tiles to create your own feature wall is a really simple and easy way to get some personality and colour into a drab and boring room. Simply by choosing one colour, some textiles or a single features which you want to embellish and then creating the decor around this is the realistic […]

Adding Value via a Porch


Now that the winter is coming you’d not be alone in thinking about and dreaming about having a porch or boot-room on the front of your home. Porches are a great place to store things like hats and coats and offer a place for those muddy pups to swap out of their dirty shoes and […]

Gardening Tips; Sweeping up

sweeping grass

Yes it might be a bit of a trivial subject but brushing and sweeping is an integral part of gardening and grounds maintenance. Back not so long ago when the Ideas for Decorating team were tradesman we spend many a year sweeping up after the boss and learning the techniques of joinery. But one thing […]

Interior Style can come Cheap

chose colours

Interior decoration is a tactical subject…. Some best home decor techniques to create a stylish interior Unlike other fields, there are no templates or standard process for home decoration. Factors like Illumination, surroundings, mood, temperature, available space, nearby landmarks and colours influence the overall look of the room. Accessories can play a vital role in […]

Room Decorating For Kids


If you are reading this it’s because you have an interest in decorating your bedroom with your own personal style in touch. Since I was a kid I used to love to decorate my own room but had very little say in the way of how it would look. What I would do was wait […]

DIY Home Improvement is an Art


It’s an Art to create a Home which, with just a glimpse would spread a positive vibe to the person who is either looking at it or thinking about it. Home gives an idea of a Person’s thinking of his/her way through life. Everything inside our Home is actually saying out loud about it’s presence […]

On a tight DIY Budget?

coverede chairs

It’s difficult to know where to start when it comes to decorating your home on a budget. We often assume nice things come with a hefty price, but that isn’t always true. There are several ways to add class and style to your home without adding to your debt.

Power Washing Tips

power washer

Although you might think it easy to power wash down your won drive or path, the reality is that is can be alot harder and dirtier a job than you first anticipated. For this reason Ideas for Decorating has come up with these top tips to ensure that your driveway, roofline or pathways power washing […]

Top Decor Tips for 2015

red bathroom wall

How to Choose the Right Home Decor and Accessories for Your Home. There are many things to think about when selecting home decor and accessories. You should consider your current flooring, window lighting and furniture. Some people like to have every room in their house match, while others like to incorporate different colours in each […]

Home Remodeling for the Blind


If you’re blind or someone in your home is you might want to think of a few different things when you remodel. The first is safety. Home remodelling involves many sharp objects like nails, tools and other things which could be dangerous if a blind person didn’t know they were there and accidentally encountered them. […]

Do’s and Dont’s of Home Re-Modeling

If you own a house, you will come across a remodeling challenge at some point of life. The reason why remodeling is tricky can be interpreted in several perspectives. You need to apply the same amount of thought on remodeling your house as you might have did when you built it. Some of the common […]

Puzzle Lampshades? I Want one!


Puzzle Lampshade: Lampshade is basically a lamp covering fixture which distributes and reduces the intensity of the light emitted. It is mainly used to disguise the intense electric bulb. Based on the shapes, lampshades are of different types like, spherical, cylindrical, conical, truncated cone, etc. The history of lampshade dates back to 17th century, the […]

Home Decor & Home Accessories

yellow room

This article focuses on how to decorate, remodel or renovate your home on a budget. I like to spend time decorating rooms that are used most, such as the bedroom and kitchen. The easiest way to decorate on a budget is to create new uses and functions out of pieces of furniture or accessories you […]

5 Tips for Home Improvement

5 Tips for Home Improvement

When considering improving the look and style of a home one should be looking for a home improvement which is affordable and effective. Here are some basic tips you can follow before you go for a Home Improvement on your own: — • Preparing for a paint job: — Painting and colouring your home for […]

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Home Improvement Contractor

Home improvement can be approached from different dimensions. You either do it yourself or invite professionals to handle the tasks. But, the idea of home owners handling home improvement routines by themselves could be tasking if the areas to be improved within the home requires professional and technical approaches. This is an indication that major […]