Fully Tiled Bathrooms

tiled bathroom

Although some love them, some hate them… a fully tiled bathroom might look great when first installed but these rooms often date and leave behind a mess of re plastering once the bathroom has been updated in time. Floor to ceiling tiles are not something we here at Ideas4Decorating can fully get behind as the […]

Kitchen LED Strip Lights

kitchen led strips 2

Using LED strip lights in kitchens is a great way to make the kitchen look bigger and feel bigger, it also makes a kitchen feel modern and expensive. They are easy to install under cabinets and around the skirting board… Here are some LED kitchen strip lights in action. This plain and boring kitchen has […]

Understanding Lumens in LED light bulbs

led home

Making the switch over to LED lighting means that many people will need to know a little bit about the present lights which are installed in a building or premises. Commercial premises will often have someone who is knowledgeable about the kind of lights which are installed but, home owners may find that they need […]

Which Bin, What Day?


Knowing when to put a bin out for collection is confusing especially as the UK has so many different bins and different collection days for each. Brown Bins are garden waste in some areas, green bins are for recycling and black bins are for general waste, but when you should put what bin out for […]

Tidy Gardens

smart garden

Tidying up the garden might not seem like many peoples idea of fun but, when combined with the exercise and health benefits it brings gardening really can be easy. If you are selling a house gardening can also add value and is something which is easily undertaken by yourself to both present your home in […]

The Family Living Room

family living room

Planning a family? Then be sure you have a good sized living room… Bay windows and open plan living are a great combination in a living room and make the room feel large enough for an army of kids… But we adults also come with our toys and accessories and so the use of clever […]

The Small Kitchen

small kitchen

The kitchen is said to be the heart of the home and yet if you are blessed with a small kitchen then meal times and eating experiences might not be the best. Although the idea of a large kitchen might seem like something only the rich have by using the space wisely it is possible […]

Dated Bathrooms

dated bathroom

Is your bathroom looking dated? Well you might not think so but, if you can put up with the hassle of being without a toilet for a while then decorating the bathroom is one of the easiest ways to add value to a home. Check out this dated bathroom and if yours looks anything like […]

TV Room Ideas

tv dining room

Having a TV in a room can define what the room is all about, but as the home needs to be for everyone using your TV room as a front room or living room can be a great space saving idea… Check out these two room ideas whilst incorporating your tv into the space. The […]

Cheap House Buying Tips


If you have any idea to buy a home, it will be wise on your part to plan its improvement too. That’s because you really don’t know when you will require an additional bathroom or want to decorate your kitchen. At times, you may even think about changing the flooring. This being the case what […]

Cool DIY Tips


Here are some cool home improvement tips that can increase the resell value of your home! 1. Try ripping up carpeting and replacing it with hardwood flooring or tiles! Carpets get dirty fast and are difficult and expensive to clean. People will pay more money for a house with hardwood flooring or tiles instead of […]

Positioning Guide; Electric Heaters


Electric heater positioning guide and energy calculator There are many ways to heat your house or home and one of the easiest and simplest forms of heating a space is by buying a floor standing electric heater which can often be found for sale at a reasonable price online. But knowing which type of floor […]

Creating Babies Rooms

babies room

When it comes to making a space for your new arrival, preparation can be key. There are some things you will need in advance of your new baby arriving and preparing the room is one of these things. ALthoguh buying for a new baby can be expensive there are somethings which you can get now […]

Wet Rooms

converted wet room

Growing old in your home can mean that some changes might need to be made in order that you can continue to live there… These include things like stair lifts and wet rooms, rails and hand rails as well as insulation and power saving devices. But wet rooms are one room of the house where […]

Teenage Boys Room Ideas

tennage boys room

Although the idea of even entering a teenage boys room might be somewhat disturbing if you are the kind of parent who insists on the latest style then simply check out the use of picture frames in this image. With a simple colour on the wall and the back wall completely covered in stylised picture […]