Adding Value via a Porch

Now that the winter is coming you’d not be alone in thinking about and dreaming about having a porch or boot-room on the front of your home. Porches are a great place to store things like hats and coats and offer a place for those muddy pups to swap out of their dirty shoes and into some cleaner clothes and socks for the house. So if you dont have a porch then read our reasons why you should here on ideas for decorating.

Reason 1 – Because they make your house look like a home. Yes porches can make a home have more curb appeal, they can make your house stand out from the rest on the road as well and add personality.

Reason 2 – As above, tehy give you a place to change from out doors to indoors and so help keep your home tidy and clean.

Reason 3 – They offer more security. Yes two doors and more security can be added to the entrance of your home as you can often lock the interior and exterior doors of a vestibule.

Now thats the good ideas.

The downside to a poor porch is that they can make your home look a bit dated, or a bit commercial, they can also have problems with leaks and damp if not installed or built correctly.